Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the items I rented are cleared?
i Communications, Inc. employs various procedures to establish clearance of its rental property. We start by producing our own art, design and photography. In cases where we license rights from others, we maintain written agreements granting us the rights to make our products available to you. We make the following statement for your assurance.

i Communications, Inc., represents and warrants that either:
1) The material is original with i Communications, Inc., and that i Communications, Inc., is the copyright proprietor thereof, or
2) That i Communications, Inc. has a license from the owner of the copyright to use the material for your presentation purpose.

Will i Communications sign my release for items rented?
i Communications, Inc. has developed its License Agreement for use of its products within entertainment projects. Upon reciept of your rental property your license is automatically generated and can be accessed from your account under the "Order History" tab. Your license is specifically written, referencing your production project, set, episode and/or project, along with all items rented. Since we license our products, we do not sign releases.

Can I place Items on hold, and what if I cancel?
Due to the fact that we have opened a web store and recieve orders 24/7, it is not possible to hold items for future use. If you would like to hold an item(s) we will need to book it as an actual order in order to gaurantee you its availablity. You may cancel your order at any time. However, any order cancelled on the day of scheduled pickup, will be assessed a 20% restocking charge.

What happens if I have to open and use something I've rented?
i Communications, Inc. maintains a quality standard for all our rental products. All rental merchandise must be returned in the same condition as originally received. If an item is opened or used it will be assessed a reasonable fee. This fee can range from full replacement value to a re-fabrication fee.
If you know that you will be needing a practicle prop, please let us know ahead of time as we maybe able to recommend a lower cost alternative.

What's the difference between Replacement Value and a Re-Fabrication Fee?
Items that have been damaged but returned (even in pieces) may be restored to inventory and will be charged an appropriate Re-fabrication Fee for that item. Any item damaged but not returned, will be assessed the full Replacement Value.

What happens if I lose my rental?
Rental merchandise that is lost or stolen will be assessed a fee of full Replacement Value as indicated in the rental agreement. Rental Charges will continue to accumulate until the product(s) have been reported to our office as lost or stolen.

What happens if FedEx or my shipping carrier damages or loses the property?
Accidents will always happen, Fortunately you can protect yourself from loss or damage by making sure that you properly insure your package for the full replacement value when sending property back by carrier. If you do not, most carriers will only insure for about $100.00, leaving you responsible for the balance.

Will you accept a certificate of insurance as full collateral for replacement of loss or damaged property?
While we ask to be named as additional insured on your production policy, we require that you take full financial responsiblity for any property lost, stolen or damaged while in your care or control. This is why we ask for deposits on all our rentals in the form of company check, credit card or cash. It is your responsiblity to settle with your insurance for all claims made.

Can I use the same P.O.# for both my rentals and my purchases?
You can use the same purchase order number for both rentals and purchases. However, rentals will be billed separately.The terms and conditions of the rental property may or may not apply to your sale items. Check with your accounting department to see what is preferred.

How do you handle extended rentals?
Any item rented will default to the following schedule:
1st Week- 100% of rental value
2nd Week- 75% of rental value
3rd Week-50% of rental value
4th Week- 25% of rental value
5th Week- FREE
6th week- Full Price
Production Rental Rate - 80% of Replacement Value (for orders 7 weeks and beyond)

Production Rentals

Any order that will be rented for (7) seven weeks or more will be classified as a Production Rental.

Can I convert my weekly rental into a production rental?
You must notify our office of your intent to convert the outstanding rental within the (1) first week of your rental. Any Requests for conversion after this period will be declined.
What Happens If I Find The Rental Products That Were Lost, and I Already Paid the L & D?
The following scenarios are presented:
If you find the rentals within the first (6) Six-Week you will be entitled to the difference between extended rental charges and the Replacement Value.

If you find the rentals after (6) Six Weeks, you will be entitled to the difference between production rental rate and the Replacement Value.

Can I duplicate some of my rented items?
It is unlawful to copy, scan, duplicate or create derivative works of our rental merchandise, either electronically or by traditional means of reproduction. The graphics contained within this publication are the property of i Communications, Inc. No reproduction, in whole or in part is permitted without the expressed written consent of i Communications, Inc. If you should need duplicate copies of any of our items please call i Communications to make the necessary arrangements. If duplicate copies are made, please return all copies to i Communications immediately.

Will i Communications sell me the digital files?
i Communications, Inc. does not sell the digital files to any of its rental products. If your production is using i Communications for its design services, and the items do not use any of i Communications stock images, then a copy of the design files may be provided to you at the completion of your order.

What if I like your posters but I want to change them, can I do that?
Occasionally you may desire to modify one of our rental posters or product to suit the requirements for your project. These variations can range from creating new sizes, to color changes, the addition of actors or specific names. i Communications, Inc. can fulfill your request, however a Custom Print Fee will be applied to your rental charges.

Does i Communications carry adult oriented material?
We do not carry adult entertainment material, nor can we approve the use of our products within these projects.

Does i Communications offer a shorter rental period?
Our rental period is 1 week (Seven days). We do not offer a shorter rental period.

How do I receive updated material for my catalog?
We no longer publish our catalog in printed form, we have however made access to these pages avalable here in case you need to reprint pages for your notebook. I Communications, Inc. is committed to producing a large variety of rental products. We will post all new items on our web store at Please check periodically for these updates. You may also request additional pages for your catalog, or print the catalog pages from our website.

Do you offer special rates for student films?
i Communications, Inc. fully supports the efforts of new filmmakers. We have an unpublished discount for those particular projects. Any legitimate student project may submit for "Student Discount" pricing.

Do you offer discounts for Pilots, Presentations or PSA's?
We currently have no explicit policy concerning discounts for these types of projects. However we will consider particular requests for discounts on an individual project basis.