You will receive a specific license for every rental order that you place.

Our license agreement has been specifically created for entertainment purposes.

We do not sign general releases.

i Communications has Master Agreements with the following studios and their individual entities:

  • ABC Studios/Disney Studios & Subsidiaries
  • NBC/Universal & Subsidiaries
  • Warner Brothers & Subsidiaries
  • CBS Television Studios & Subsidiaries
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment & Subsidiaries
  • HBO Studio Productions & Subsidiaries
  • STARZ Productions

Our license is also accepted by

20th Century Fox Films & Subsidiaries
Paramount Pictures & Subsidiaries
Columbia Pictures & Subsidiaries
Amazon Studios
CBS Films
Comedy Central

Accepted by hundreds of independent entertainment companies.
If you have any questions or inquiries regarding our license, please contact us at 818.252.1300.

Review our License by downloading a copy here.