Terms & Conditions for Web Printing


Much as renting a movie online, once you are granted access to the content and the content has been
delivered to your account, you will be charged for the delivery of the content. This charge is not
dependent on your decision to print or use the item in your project. In the event that a technical
issue on the part of the delivery system prevents you from accessing or printing the content, you
will be issued a credit.

The base Rental Period for items delivered and printed by means of the iComm Web Printing app is
(1) One week or 5 business days excluding holidays. The Extended Rental period for content accessed
by Web Printing is now (2) Two Weeks to (6) six months. The Extended Rental period effectively becomes
the "Production Rental" period in most cases.

You will be charged a "Base Price" for the first item printed. Additional prints of the same item
will be charged at a reduced rate. Adding these items to your cart will demonstrate the appropriate price.

At the conclusion of your Rental Period, you will be required to clearly document the
destruction of the item(s) you accessed and printed ("Evidence of Destruction").
Please tear your printed item in half, snap a photo and send it to us at store@icommnetwork.net
and your rental will be considered complete! Please be sure all items are clearly visible within
the photograph so that they may be accounted for and that you are credited properly.
If you are near one of our local warehouses in either Los Angeles, CA or Atlanta, GA, you may
also drop off product(s) to terminate your rental.

Damage fees are no longer applicable when using this type of product delivery.
Failure to to submit the "Evidence of Destruction" photo will incur a loss fee.
Individual loss fee rates are published and are viewable on www.icommrentals.net by selecting any
individual product and examining the product detail dialog. Loss fees are also clearly specified
on your rental agreement.

i Communications will require a certificate of insurance naming i Communications as
additional insured on the production policy. i Communications should be named as
"loss/payee" and a copy should be presented prior to the rental. Any production that
does not have sufficient coverage or fails to present a valid certificate will be asked to
insure the rentals with a certified check, money order or credit card.

The rental property ("intellectual Property")is licensed solely for use within the project
specified on the License Agreement. No other rights to copy, scan, duplicate or create derivative
works of this intellectual property, either electronically or by traditional means of reproduction
are granted or given. The graphics contained within the property are the sole property of i Communications, Inc.
No reproduction, apart from the specified use, in whole or in part, is permitted without
the expressed written consent of i Communications, Inc.

We create our graphics with the style and quality that best represent real-world use.
Every item designated as cleared, is an original creation, with i Communications
being the copyright proprietor thereof or having a license from the owner of the
copyright to use the material for the purposes under our License Agreement.
Any property item marked with a "©" icon and messaged with "Requires Additional Clearance" is property that i
Communications does not hold intellectual rights, or licensed rights from the owner of those marks.
We maintain best efforts to supply the contact information for the owners of these marks in order to assist
you in attaining permissions for their use in your project. Companies requesting property that is government
Trademark, Trade Dress, Servicemark, or common law protected will be required to sign a separate agreement
indemnifying i Communications, Inc. for its use prior to acquiring this type of property from our system.