i Communications requires a minimum of 8 working hours to fulfill most orders. Very large orders may require a few days to fulfill.

Any order that has been received and processed may be changed, however the changes are subject to a 20% restocking fee and possibly a premium service charge. Fees and charges are based on amount of changes required and time frame for those changes.

Any order that requires 4 hours or less to fullfill will incur a premium service charge (rush charge).Since online orders are automated, you may or may not incur this charge. If you do incur the charge, web orders will still retain the 25% discount.

The base rental period is (5) business days. i Communications grants a discounted rate of rental for each additional week of rental. The rate is as follows:
1st Week – 100% of Price
2nd Week – 75% of Price
3rd Week – 50% of Price
4th Week – 25% of Price
5th Week – Free
6th Week – 6 Months – Production Rental Rate

All rental property is designated a rental period and a set value for that period. An authorized purchase order (for open accounts) will be accepted at the time of order placement. Any rental exceeding the designated rental period as indicated on the rental agreement will require amendment to the current purchase order or issuance of a new purchase order for the extended rental period.

Failure to notify i Communications of extending the contracted rental period, prior to the expiration of the initial rental period, will result in extended rental fees calculated at the 1st week rate. This rate will remain in effect if extended rental continues to occur without notification prior to expiration of extended rental period.

Any rental order that is cancelled after i Communications has packed the order will be assessed a 20% re-stocking fee.

Customers who return property before the regularly scheduled return date will be liable for the full rental charge(s) designated on the rental agreement. i Communications may, at its discretion grant consideration for early returns on a case by case basis.

i Communications will make available property for director's approval, however all orders are required to fulfill all requirements for an actual order (i.e. P.O. for credit accounts and appropriate deposit and rental checks for C.O.D. customers). Director's approvals will not be charged if returned within 24 hours. In addition any order requiring extensive packing due to quantity will incur a 20% restocking Charge upon return. i Communications will not grant Director's approval on Fridays.

Any property returned with, tape(s), butyl, adhesives, paints, markers, over-spray, aging, or other substance will be charged a reasonable cleaning fee for removal. If substance(s) are not removable, a damage or re-fabrication fee may be charged.

All rental property must be returned in the same condition as originally received normal wear and tear accepted for the purposes contemplated hereunder. Any rental property that is returned damaged will be assessed a reasonable re-fabrication fee. It is always best to return property, even if in pieces, than to incur replacement charges. Un-returned property, or property that has been declared destroyed, lost or stolen will be assessed a replacement fee as well as the rental charge up to the date of the reported loss of the rental property. All un-returned property will require an Affidavit of Loss Declaration signed by an authorized representative of your company. We will not credit any rental charges towards any cleaning, damage, or replacement charges.

i Communications will require a certificate of insurance naming i Communications as additional insured on the production policy. i Communications should be named as "loss/payee" and a copy should be presented prior to the rental. Any production that does not have sufficient coverage or fails to present a valid certificate will be asked to insure the rentals with a certified check, money order or credit card.

Occasionally you may require customization on a stock item. i Communications can satisfy your requirements, however re-fabrication fees will be assessed in addition to the rental fees. These fees vary depending on the customization required and time frame for acquisition.

i Communications will ship your rental property anywhere in the world via FedEx, UPS or other carrier. Please provide your account number or allow for shipping charges on your purchase order. i Communications can ship overnight or make Saturday delivery to most areas. We insure the rental property with the carrier at the time of shipping so that all parties are insured during transit. All property should be insured when shipped back in order to avoid unplanned charges due to damage during shipping.

The rental property is licensed solely for use within the project specified on the License Agreement. No other rights to copy, scan, duplicate or create derivative works of this rental property, either electronically or by traditional means of reproduction. The graphics contained within the property are the sole property of i Communications, Inc. No reproduction, apart from the specified use, in whole or in part, is permitted without the expressed written consent of i Communications, Inc.

We create our graphics with the style and quality that best represent real-world use. Every property item designated as cleared, is an original creation, with i Communications being the copyright proprietor thereof or having a license from the owner of the copyright to use the material for the purposes under our License Agreement.
Any property item indicated with "Requires Additional Clearance" is property that i Communications does not hold intellectual rights, or licensed rights from the owner of those marks. We have provided contact information for the owners of these marks in order to assist you in attaining permissions for their use in your projects.

Companies requesting property that is government Trademark, Trade Dress, Service mark, or common law protected will be required to sign a separate agreement indemnifying i Communications, Inc. for its use prior to acquiring this type of property.